Project F.A.B

Our Experiments

We will conduct all of our experiments using high altitude balloons filled with helium, which can be tracked using GPS. GoPro cameras will be attached to the balloons so that the experiments can be watched. The balloons will rise to a height of 30km and will be fitted with parachutes.

Cosmic Rays

Cosmic rays are nuclei or particles with high energies travelling through space with speeds near to the speed of light. When cosmic rays enter Earth’s atmosphere and collide with atoms and molecules such as oxygen, smaller particles are created, muons for example. We will be using a scintillating detector to measure how the number of muons detected varies with height.

Pressure and Temperature

We will measure how pressure and temperature vary with height. A K-Type thermocouple, a device whose resistance varies with temperature, will be used to measure the temperature and an M55803-14BA sensor will be used to measure the pressure at a given height.

Greenhouse Gas Concentration

The Greenhouse Effect is when the heat from the sun is trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere, and it contributes to Global Warming. Greenhouse Gases are gases which cause this effect, such as methane and carbon dioxide. We will be measuring the concentration of these gases in the atmosphere, as well as the concentration of ozone, using an ‘MQ’ sensor.