Project F.A.B


First and foremost, the team would like to acknowledge the Science and Technology Facilities Council, for their funding and excellent support of the project. We would also like to acknowledge the support of Helia Photonics Ltd, particularly Caspar Clark, for allowing the occasional use of facilities and flexible time for Fraser, and John MacEwan, for his patience while ordering some particularly obscure parts for the project.

We also would like to thank Larbert High School and the individual cluster primary schools. Partiicularly we would like to acknowledge the efforts and enthusiasm of Ashifa Naseer, without whom this project would be a lot of cool experiments with hopeless education components.

We also must acknowledge the University of Glasgow School of Physics and Astronomy, for allowing us to use the Kelvin Building, its resources and to pick the brains of its employees.

We would like to thank Gas Sensing Solutions for their generous donation of a COSIR AX-5000 CO2 detector to our project.

Partner Websites

Science and Technology Facilities Council

Helia Photonics Ltd.

Larbert High School

University of Glasgow, School of Physics and Astronomy

Gas Sensing Solutions

Finally, we would like to thank NASA for our header photo!