Project F.A.B

Project F.A.B (Ferociously Awesome Balloons) is a student run science outreach program funded by the STFC (Science and Technology Facilities Council) and Helia Photonics Ltd, supported by the University of Glasgow School of Physics and Astronomy. It aims to encourage primary school children, regardless of background, to engage in STEM subjects and pursue careers in these subjects. We hope to do this by carrying out exciting experiments, teaching about these experiments in an interesting format that is accessible to children and extending the opportunity to them to be directly involved in setting up the experiment.

There are multiple experiments planned, which will all be conducted on high altitude balloons fitted with cameras to heights of (hopefully) around 30km. We hope to measure the temperature and pressure of the atmosphere and monitor how these properties change with altitude. We also hope to measure the concentration of CO2 and CH4, and take the opportunity to explain the effects of these gases in the atmosphere and the dangers of the levels being too high. We also plan to carry out experiments on gravity, showing objects of different mass falling at the same rate, and also that a falling object has no weight. One of the most exciting experiments we are conducting is to measure the change in the amount of radiation due to cosmic rays due to altitude, and to hopefully catch a cosmic ray collision occurring within our experimental enclosure.

All of our lesson plans, code and experimental set ups will be completely available to the public for free - see the Technical Area and the Education Area. When we have results, we look forward to bringing you these also! Stay tuned, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us using the Contact section of our website or the email icon at the bottom of the page!