Project F.A.B

We've Been Busy...

January 26, 2017 | 2 Minute Read

Hello, and a happy belated New Year! It’s hard to believe that our last post was in September, it seems like it could have been last week to me.

Don’t mistake our silence for inactivity though. Through November of last year we ran our first Coding Club at Larbert High School. The Club was a success, just not quite in the way we invisaged. Over the four week course we took 17 Primary 7 children with no experience of programming at all from basics through to writing fully customisable calculators.

Admittedly, we had originally planned on teaching in Arduino, however this was not fully installed on the school PCs (despite assurances to the contrary). Because of this, we had to roll with the punches slightly and teach Visual Basic 6, an old yet excellent programming language. Despite this slip up, we still had hugely positive feedback from the children, with many expressing new interests in careers in computing.

Looking to next year, we will definitely be improving upon the participation figures for this aspect of the project, as well as working towards ensuring the technical difficulties experienced this time round will be minimised in the future.

We have also been very busy training high school students to deliver lessons to the primary students.

Now. I know what you’re all wondering. Or at least what I hope you’re wondering. “When will they actually launch these balloons?!” Well I hear you, and I’m happy to announce a provisional date of launch for March 18th 2017, to coincide with British Science Week.

(If you were actually wondering what you’ll have for tea, I’ll forgive you… this time)

Myself and the Team are all now working flat out to deliver the Project. We’re building, learning and teaching, and we can’t wait to share it. By the end of March, we will have all our Lesson Plans, Programming Codes and Circuit Diagrams, along with tutorials online, so that if it takes your fancy, you can have a crack yourself. Soon after, we’ll release our results, and how they tie in to the educational part of the Project.

I’m excited, and I hope you are too.