Project F.A.B

Keeping on Movin'

September 16, 2016 | 2 Minute Read

Hello all, and welcome to our first project update! It has been a busy time, and much has been done.

Firstly, from the technical side of things, we have come a long way in our development of experiment software. We are now at the stage where we have the pressure and temperature experiment almost complete - our detectors are reading the air temperature and pressure once a second and writing the results to a MicroSD card for analysis later. All that remains for this particular experiment is to set up the GPS tracking and recovery system (details to come soon…) and calibrate the pressure sensor at low temperatures.

Good progress has also been made on the greenhouse gas experiment. The code has been written for reading raw voltages from our methane and ozone detectors. However, much work needs to be done in converting these voltages to a gas concentration at different pressures and temperatures. Our CO2 detector, recently donated to us by Gas Sensing Solutions is yet to be incorporated into the set up, although we hope to achieve this very soon.

The Cosmic Ray experiment is currently a rapidly changing situation. We have been working with particle physicists Prof. Craig Buttar and Dr Dima Maneuski on making the most of the experiment, and are considering a move from a scintillator based detection system to one based on the MediPix system. This would enable us to detect many different types of subatomic particles related to cosmic rays, which would then allow us to expand our educational work in this area and open the door to some very interesting data.

The second part of the project, the educational side, is also shaping up nicely. We have met with all our local primary school reps and look forward to the beginning of teaching in January, and to the training of high school pupils beginning next month. Also beginning next month is our after school coding club, where we will be teaching children how to code and to write the code for our gas experiment. We hope to soon announce a new partnership with another school cluster, and possibly some work with older students.

Keep tuned, it’s gonna be exciting!